Brain Mapping, Uploading, and Immortality — Part I (Dmitry Itskov)

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Numerous news articles have recently devoted attention to a project launched by Russian media entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov to turn a familiar science fiction trope — the instantiation of human consciousness in a synthetic body — into a reality.  He conceives of this happening in stages:

  • the development of a functional humanoid synthetic body manipulated through an effective brain-machine interface
  • the development of such a body, but including a life-support system for a human brain, so that the synthetic body can replace an existing organic one, and
  • the mapping of human consciousness such that it, rather than the physical brain, can be housed in the synthetic body

News coverage can be found on the web from Gizmodo, Wired’s Danger RoomCTV News, the Daily Mail, and other sources.

Itskov’s Global Future 2045 initiative can be found here.

A short video (2 minutes) of Itskov discussing the project is embedded immediately below, with a longer one (27 minutes) further down.


One of the places this science fiction trope plays out is in my novel Luck and Death at the Edge of the World, due out in May 2012.  Get details and download a free, previously published short story on my main page here.

Blog posts are on the Home page.

Details about the novel are on the Luck & Death page.

The free story is on the My Writing page.

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