Brain Mapping, Uploading, and Immortality — Part II (Sebastian Seung)

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While Dmitry Itskov is hiring talent to make the instantiation of human consciousness in a synthetic humanoid body a reality (see Part I of this series), Sebastian Seung, a Professor of Computational Neuroscience at MIT is working out the details of mapping that consciousness.

Seung’s new book Connectome deals with the attempt to create a map of the neurons in a human brain and the connections between them.

The home page for his lab, with a list of publications and links to several of them, is here.

You can find an NPR article and a podcast of a reasonably good interview with Seung here.

Seung’s TED lecture is embedded below and below that is the video trailer for Connectome.


Brain mapping and uploading feature in my novel Luck and Death at the Edge of the World, due out in May 2012.  Get details and download a free, previously published short story on my site here.

Blog posts are on the Home page.

Details about the novel are on the Luck & Death page.

The free story is on the My Writing page.

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2 Responses to Brain Mapping, Uploading, and Immortality — Part II (Sebastian Seung)

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  2. A Changing Brain says:

    I am more than my connectome. I am also the instantaneous state of my connectome in balance with my environoment. Human brains change state at around 10 to the 15th power times per second. That’s a lot of change to keep up with and “download”.

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