Brain Mapping, Uploading + Immortality — Part III (Henry Markram)

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Henry Makram wants to take the kind of map that is being produced by Sebastian Seung (see Part II of this series here) and create a computer model of the human brain.  If he’s successful, this could help people like Dmitry Itskov (see Part I of this series here), who want to digitize human consciousness and instantiate it in a synthetic humanoid body.

Get an overview of Markram’s project from Nature here or of the man’s public profile from Wikipedia here.

The home page for his Blue Brain Porject can be found here.

He was interviewed by Discover here and Seed Magazine has posted a video called Designing the Human Mind here.

Two videos are embedded below.  The first is a TED conference lecture by Markram called Supercomputing the Brain’s Secrets.  The second is a video from 2008 on the Blue Brain Project.


Brain mapping and the uploading of consciousness feature in my novel Luck and Death at the Edge of the World, due out in May 2012.  Get details and download a free, previously published short story on my site.

Blog posts are on the Home page.

Details about the novel are on the Luck & Death page.

The free story is on the My Writing page.

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