The New Homo Artificialis

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If you like H. Artificialis, you’ll like it even more in a few short weeks.

On March 31, 2015, H. Artificialis will publish its first issue as a free journal.  New issues will appear six times a year.

The first issue will include:

  • “Synthetic Intimacy and the Erotic Turing Test (Part I)” — A look at intimate relations between humans and artificial persons in art and in real life.  First in a series.
  • “Robophobia: Killer Robots and Real-Life Warfare” — The increasingly heavy reliance on drones in combat raises questions about the use of autonomous weapons in war.
  • “Artificial Evil: Red Flags and Storm Warnings” — Several high-profile figures have recently issued warnings about the dangers of AI.  What can we make of their premonitions?

See the about page for more details, then mark your calendars.

And until the end of the month arrives, you might enjoy our monthly companion publication, SF Around the World.  Issue 7 (February 2015) is up now.

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